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Steroid Buying Guide

Basics of Steroids


What are steroids? These are drugs that are usually taken for therapeutic and ergogenic reasons. These chemical compounds that are fused in a specific way, it consists of the three benzene rings. Aside from taking in steroids in a form of a pill, natural steroids are also found in the carbohydrates that we eat. Officially, the steroids that are in the form of a pill is called Anabolic  Androgen Steroids where were first synthesized and studied in the year 1932.


There are also types of steroids at namely, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, progesterone and dihydrotestoseterone. These different types of steroids have different functions in our body which particularly are related to the gender.


Anabolic steroids are usually the very common steroids. One function of these steroids is the produce more protein. It enables the growth of muscle tissues as well as the bone. It functions to increase the appetite and hone more the masculine of features of men.


We commonly hear that some of the athletes make us of steroids to enhance their performance. This is sometimes true because the use of steroids at can also increase the performance of a person in a short time. It is able to improve the capabilities especially the stamina if a person. That is why many athletes are into using the steroids during their competitions. For the athletes, the use of steroids can be very helpful. There are also various ways to use the steroids, and one of the most common ways to take a steroid is by oral intake. It can also be taken in a liquid form by having it injected to the muscles. Thirdly, it is also possible to have a steroid intake by skin patches, wherein the steroid is related to the blood through the skin.


However, the use of steroids is considered illegal when it used in international vents such as the Olympics. This can be considered cheating. This is for the reason that the use of steroids can manipulate the capability of a normal athlete.


The thing is that steroids and the use of it is illegal and also banned in some countries, however the use of it can be very useful to many athletes. Bodybuilder also finds steroids desirable because of the effects of t to their body. Usually, the steroids are sold in the black market, there may be similar products but are in relatively higher price because the demand of it is very high. Visit this website at for more details about steroids.